When You Feel Out of Control

"I know at some point or another you will have or already have had one of those days where you just lose it. We all do. You're trying to put the baby down for a nap or get them to stop crying for the hundredth time and nothing is working. And it hits you, almost like a cold slap to the face, that you're not in control. In fact you're so out of control that you start to wonder if you can even do this. Survive the day. Get through the night. Do this whole motherhood thing. 

Today was one of those days for me. And when I first saw how things were beginning to spiral out of control within my very own home, I found myself asking the question, What AM I in control of? Because I'm certainly not in control of this crying baby who's skipping her nap or the husband who doesn't quite know the right things to do or say. And I don't even think I'm in control of myself because I have these emotions, especially this anger, that rises up in me, and there's just no stopping it..."

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