When You're In Need

"When we first brought our little one home from the hospital, I had no idea what she wanted. Is she crying from hunger? From gas? From over stimulation? But over time I have become so intimately acquainted with her that I now know exactly what makes her smile and what makes her fuss. I know the difference between her hunger cry and her scared cry and her tired cry. I know when she's nursing for hunger or just nursing for comfort. I know how to calm her down when she bumps her head or falls over. I even know the faces she makes when she's pooping! I know my baby's needs better than she knows them herself and I love that I'm able to meet many of those needs for her. 

Lately I've been reminded that the Lord knows us and feels the same way about us too. Sometimes that thought scares me. Being fully known is an intimidating thing. There have been many times when I have convinced myself it's better to try to ignore or hide from the Lord rather than run to him, even though he knows exactly what my aching soul needs and he is the only one who can provide it."

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