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I’m Jessie Ereddia — perfectionist turned grace enthusiast, cheerleader for new mamas, and a mom of two kiddos who love to keep me on my toes!

When I first became a mom, all of my hopes and dreams of being the best mom ever quickly flew out of the window as I realized just how much my long-time struggle with perfectionism was affecting me — and now my daughter.

Instead of enjoying life as a new mom, I found myself constantly overwhelmed and stressed by skipped naps, sleepless nights, and everything else that was out of my control.

Instead of walking in confidence and peace, my perfectionism combined with postpartum rage caused a never-ending cycle of striving for perfection, lashing out in anger, and wrestling with guilt.

After reaching my lowest of lows, I finally realized I couldn’t overcome these things on my own. I needed tools, resources, and Biblical wisdom and counsel to help me change my unhealthy mindsets, replace lies with truth, and learn to love motherhood in all of its messy, imperfect glory.

Now as a thriving mom of two and perfectionist turned grace enthusiast, my dream is to help moms of little ones, like me, find freedom from perfectionism and stress, so that they can love their imperfect motherhood, too!

XOXO, Jessie

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  • You can find me making memories with my husband Grant and our two girls, Tessa and James, in our little three-bedroom home just outside of Atlanta.

  • Both of our girls’ births were unmedicated, natural births, and our Jamie was actually born at home! You can read her homebirth story on the blog.

  • As a 4 on the Enneagram, I’ve got a heart full of feeling and a passion for living out God’s unique calling for my life.

  • I’ve been a podcaster since September 2017 and I am LOVING it! Exploring this new creative medium through the Soul Care for the New Mom podcast has made sharing my story and ministering to women all the more exciting!