When You're Struggling to Sit Down With God

"I used to be able to sit down and have my quiet time with God for hours. Devotionals, Bible study books, journaling, a hot cup of coffee. I absolutely loved my mornings with the Lord, and I couldn’t imagine not having them. But then I had a baby, and then another one, and now I’m in this crazy season of two under two and that picture perfect "quiet time" feels like the furthest thing from attainable. 

At some point in my motherhood journey I was finally forced to put away my Bible, journal, and mile-long prayer list and reconsider what I thought was necessary for God to want to be a part of my life. I quit trying to have that ideal quiet time. And what I found was that I had been putting my relationship with the Lord in this box and that there was so much more to be discovered..."

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Jessie EreddiaComment