When Your Strength is Lost

"We had a rough week recently. A stomach bug traveled through our home, affecting me, my sweet baby, and then my husband. This sickness on top of first trimester tiredness and aching legs was almost enough to send me over the edge. I somehow found the strength to get through each day and care for my family, yet it seemed as though exhaustion was always threatening to overwhelm me. 

During this time I cried out to God a lot because I knew that he saw me in my sickness and weakness. And I couldn't help but wonder, does he even care? As someone who has a hard time believing in randomness or coincidences, I started to think that maybe this crummy week was meant to teach me something or grow me in some way. But I didn't want to be taught. I didn't want to grow. I just wanted to feel better and be better instead of being laid up in bed when I should be caring for my baby or laying wide awake at night in pain, helpless and weary..."

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