When You Hate Your Postpartum Body

"I think there was a past naive version of many of us that liked to believe that we would be accepting of our postpartum bodies, that we would simply marvel at how it carried our sweet babies and nourished them both in the womb and beyond. We told ourselves that there would be no pressure to get the weight off, that we would give ourselves grace for the changes our bodies would endure. 

But if you're like me, your postpartum body lost most of its luster sometime after the 'fourth trimester.' Now it’s difficult to accept this is really how you look, how you fit, and how you jiggle. You feel hopeless and defeated. And at the same time, guilty. Because you expected better from yourself. You thought you'd rock your new body with confidence — if not for your sake, then for your someday adolescent daughters. But now you just want to hide away, go back in time to the smaller version of yourself that you had even once thought could lose a few pounds. If only we knew then how good we had it, right?..."

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