When God Seems Silent

"If I'm being honest, I think I do have a hard time believing that God loves me enough to talk to me. And when I dive a little further into my thought processes and beliefs about this, I realize that I carry a lot of fear in my heart when it comes to my relationship with the Lord. Like if he's not revealing something big to me or showing up in my life in some grand way, then I fear that I'm doing something wrong and he's disappointed in me. I confuse his silence for distance, and I wonder if he's distant from me in order to punish me because maybe I'm not as diligent in prayer as I think I should be or I'm too easily distracted by all I have going on.

Maybe you think and feel similar things, and if so, I want to offer some words of truth and wisdom for the both of us today. The truth is the Lord is not hiding from you. He's not trying to tease or trick you or even punish you. He does want to speak to you. But it's in the still, small voice that he wants to speak..."

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