When Breastfeeding is Hard

"If you're in those early, early stages of figuring out breastfeeding, I feel for you. I remember those days so, so well. I remember it took a few painful weeks, multiple visits to the lactation consultation, a case of mastitis and a lot of tears to even begin to get the hang of it. And even after a few months, I was still navigating confusion about my supply, a fussy baby not wanting to be still during feedings, and an overall weariness from the cluster feedings and waking up to nurse multiple times a night. When I say I understand how difficult breastfeeding can be, I really do mean it. 

It's easy to get wrapped up in what our bodies can and cannot do, whether they're performing the way we expect them to and providing for our babies the way we hope they will. It can be stressful and easy to beat ourselves up when we are facing difficulties with breastfeeding, which I know most women do at some point or other in their breastfeeding journey..."

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