The Secret to Reaching Your Goals and Pursuing Your Dreams

Incredible weight loss, the start of our foster care journey, business failure, launching a coaching program… needless to say, this year has been a BIG year for me!  What I love about 2019 is how I’ve been able to celebrate so many victories and also achieve some big, scary goals. But what’s been just as amazing for me is learning what it means to allow my goals to CHANGE in order for God to write an even better story.

Today I want to answer the question, how do we chase after and achieve our goals and dreams? And what do we do in the face of failure or if it appears as though God has different plans in mind? My hope is that this episode is able to inspire and fuel you in the middle of whatever journey you are on — or that it gives you the push you need to take those first baby steps as you embark on a new one!

Jessie Ereddia