Audrey Bailey: Growing a Creative Business, Becoming Insta-Famous, and Trusting God with Your Journey

You may be familiar with Audrey Bailey through Brush and Barley, her digital artwork brand. For today’s episode, I had the honor of chatting with Audrey about her creative journey and work with Brush and Barley, as well as the backstory behind her overnight Instagram success! It was so fun getting to hear some of the ups and downs of being an “Insta-famous” work-from-home mom, as well as more about her heart behind what she does. You are sure to be encouraged and inspired by Audrey as she shares both her passion for her work AND her faith that’s so intertwined with it!

In today’s episode, Audrey and I chat about:

  • the heart and backstory behind her brand Brush and Burley and how life has changed for her since its explosion on Instagram

  • how Brush and Barley is reaching people and addressing the topic of mental health

  • Audrey’s faith journey as it relates to her creative journey

  • what it was like for her to watch her Instagram following quickly grow by tens of thousands and what she has learned from it

  • being an Enneagram Four as it relates to motherhood

  • encouragement for the listener who is pursuing her passion and not seeing the growth she is hoping for

  • being a work-at-home mom and making time to take care of yourself in the midst of busyness

  • dealing with constructive criticism 

Resources Mentioned:

Brush and Barley on Instagram

Brush and Barley on Facebook

Brush and Barley Youtube Channel

Brush and Barley on Pinterest

Brush and Barley Website

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