Ashlyn Watkins: Conversations About Sex and Spicing Up Your Marriage

Today’s conversation is a little bit SPICY as I talk with Ashlyn Watkins, the creator and voice of Spiced Wife, a ministry dedicated to helping wives reach their full potential of being both holy and sexy! Sex can be such an uncomfortable and even difficult subject at times, which is why I love how candid Ashlyn is in our conversation. As wives and mothers, we need to be able to explore and pursue intimacy as God has called us to within our marriages — and that starts with openly and honestly talking about it!

In today’s episode, Ashlyn and I chat about:

- the heart and backstory behind her ministry Spiced Wife

- what it means for wives to be both holy and sexy

- the importance of having healthy conversations about sex

- practical wisdom for the mom of little ones who wants to spice things up in her marriage

- the message behind her book, Sex Before Marriage: A Church Girl’s Truths

Resources Mentioned:

Spiced Wife Website

Spiced Wife Podcast

Spiced Wife on Instagram

Sex Before Marriage: A Church Girl’s Truths

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