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I’m Jessie Ereddia — writer, podcaster, and a mom of two kiddos who love to keep me on my toes!

I’ll be honest. When I first became a mom and found myself caught in a whirlwind of diaper changes, constant nursing sessions, and long sleepless nights, I had no idea of how to connect to God!

My routined quiet time was no longer, well… quiet. I struggled to find time to open my Bible, my prayers didn’t come quite as easily, and it felt nearly impossible to get to church some days, let alone get dressed! All my fears of failing at being that perfect Christian mom and wife seemed to be coming true.

Even though I was pursuing God in the best way I knew how, doing all of the things that I remember "working" for me before I became a mom, there were many days when I still felt like he was a million miles away.

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t see his presence or hear his voice. How could one little, innocent baby have this large of an impact on my relationship with God?

I found myself having to re-examine everything I thought I knew about him, including what it means to pursue the Lord — and what it looks like to allow him to pursue me. And what I discovered on the other side of it all was freedom. Freedom from the never-ending striving and pressure to perform. Freedom from the legalism and perfectionism I had been enslaved to for so long.

I want you to experience this kind of freedom, too — and that’s why I created my Moms in Pursuit course!

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✔ You want to know how to get AND stay in the Word, but motherhood is just too busy or demanding these days

✔ you’re feeling kinda sorta guilty about your prayer life (because some days your only prayer is, “Jesus, please make my kid sleep!”)

✔ you’re longing to feel more joy and purpose in your life. You’re thinking, surely wiping sticky toddler hands and picking toys up off of the floor can’t be all that there is!

✔ you’ve felt somewhat stuck in your relationship with God since becoming a mom and are starting to wonder if he’s even still there

✔ you want to see more of God’s presence and hear God’s voice more clearly, even in the mundane and chaos of motherhood

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  • Five different ways you are able to connect to God — the Word, prayer, the Holy Spirit, worship, and community

  • What it looks like to pursue God and be pursued by God through these things in this season of motherhood

  • Practical and creative steps you can take to stay rooted in God’s Word and weave prayer into your daily rhythm as a busy mom

  • How God speaks to you through his Holy Spirit, and the things in your life that can mute the Spirit or keep you from hearing his voice

  • The powerful weapon of worship and how it has the ability to change the atmosphere of both your heart and home

  • The characteristics of healthy community, the wounds and scars many of us carry from experiences with UN-healthy community, and how God can use the people in your life to strengthen and lead you

  • The lies and misconceptions you may be believing about yourself, about God, and about your relationship with God, as well as the truths that can transform your life and enable you to walk in full confidence and freedom!

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+ 7 video lessons

+ Printable digital workbook

+ 15 downloadable worksheets and templates


one-time payment of $49

or two payments of $29

mentorship package


+ 7 video lessons + 1 bonus video lesson

+ Printable digital workbook

+ 15 downloadable worksheets and templates

+ 4 additional worksheets and templates

+ Two one-on-one mentorship phone calls


One-time payment of $89

or two payments of $49

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✔ experience and encounter the lord in new ways?

✔ find a rhythm that actually works for you and grows your relationship with God?

✔ beat the mom guilt that’s keeping you down?

✔ trade your anxiety and perfectionism for confidence and freedom?

✔ get inspired to pursue the Lord out of love instead of fear?

✔ feel more joy in your everyday motherhood?

✔ exchange the lies of the enemy for the truth of the Gospel?

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“I encountered so much encouragement, new knowledge, and conviction while going through the Moms in Pursuit course. Jessie was able to speak into many different aspects of my relationship with God, especially my deeply-held beliefs of guilt and unworthiness, all while keeping the truth of God’s Word at the center of her teachings. I learned how to release my fears and insecurity and I now feel led to consistently pursue the Lord out of love rather than the pressure to be perfect! Because of this course, I want to take my faith more seriously and grow as a follower of Christ, as a wife, and as a mother. Moms in Pursuit was truly a wonderful experience!” - Rachel R. 

“Because of the Moms in Pursuit course, I have a better understanding of some of my incorrect beliefs about the way I relate to God and am encouraged to draw close to God daily. Jessie’s teachings on how moms can make the Word and prayer a priority were both authentic and convicting. I highly recommend this course and believe that God can use it to enrich any mom’s relationship with him, even those in this busy season of mothering small children!” - Paige T

“Moms in Pursuit has brought me so much peace and joy. Being a brand new mama has felt overwhelming at times and I’ve struggled with reading the Bible, but after taking this course, I’m now inspired to read the Word out of genuine desire! Moms in Pursuit has helped care for my soul in ways I didn’t know I needed. My heart feels full and for that, I am so incredibly thankful.”   - Tara S.

“As a full-time teacher, graduate student, wife, and mom, I’ve had difficulty hearing God’s still, small voice, especially when my life these days is anything but still and quiet! But since going through the Moms in Pursuit course, not only am I hearing more of God’s voice through methods that actually work for this season of my life, but I am also learning how to actively engage in my relationship with him every moment of my day. I’m spending more time in God’s Word and feeling more of God’s presence, even on the days when I’m struggling with extending patience toward my daughter or grace toward myself. This course has already changed my life and I can’t wait to see how my relationship with God continues to grow!” - Jennifer G.

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I’ve never taken an online course before. How does this work? +

At checkout, you will create a log-in and password, which will be used to sign into the course. Immediately after your purchase is completed, an email will be sent to your Inbox with a link to the private Moms in Pursuit access page, which you will be able to access with your log-in information. This page will contain all of the course content, including 7 videos, the course workbook, and additional worksheets and templates. If you purchased the Mentorship Package, your bonus content will also be sent to you immediately via email.

Can't dive in right away? No worries! Each video is pre-recorded and can be watched at any time! They don’t expire so you can go back and watch them as many times as you’d like. The workbook and all other worksheets are also available indefinitely and can be downloaded directly from the Moms in Pursuit access page.

I’m very busy and I’m worried I won’t have time. Can I go through this course at my own pace? +

Absolutely! This entire course is designed for you to go through at your own pace. You can take as little or as much time as you need!

How long will I have access to the course? +

Once you join, the content is yours forever! This course does not expire and neither do the videos, workbook, and worksheet included in it. You are free to go back through it as many times as you’d like for as long as you’d like.

Who is this course designed for? +

I designed this course specifically for moms with little ones, but if you are a mom who is out of the baby and toddler stage, I would still love to have you! The truths I aim to communicate through Moms in Pursuit are things that we ALL could use reminders of. If you are a mom with kids of ANY age who wants to grow her in relationship with the Lord, I believe Moms in Pursuit will be a helpful course for you.

What do I get with the mentorship package? +

When you sign up for the mentorship package, you will have the opportunity to schedule TWO hour-long one-on-one phone calls with me that will take place within two months of your purchase date. During these calls, I will personally walk you through how to apply the wisdom and tools you’re gaining from the course and help you cast vision and set goals. I also will chat with you about whatever is on YOUR heart and do my best to speak life-giving truth into different areas of your life, whether motherhood-related or not. My desire is to be a source of support and accountability for you! The mentorship package also includes one bonus video sent to your Inbox that walks you step-by-step through praying on the armor of God, as well as a downloadable prayer template. You will also receive in your Inbox three additional worksheets and templates for your personal and spiritual growth, including a monthly goal calendar and my Grace for the Hustle planner worksheet for busy moms.

Where can I find your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy? +

You can review both the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by clicking these links at any time!

Do you offer refunds? +

Due to the immediate, direct access to all course content, I do not offer refunds of any kind for the Moms in Pursuit course. I am, however, invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have if you are unsure if this course is the right fit for you.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered yet. +

I’m happy to answer your questions at any time! Feel free to send an email to or contact me through the form on my Contact page.

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Hey, I’m Jessie! I live with my husband Grant and our two girls, Tessa and James, in a little house just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and I am passionate about seeing moms pursue the Lord wholeheartedly and walk in the freedom of the Gospel!

I created Soul Care for the New Mom in September 2017 out of a desire to encourage other mamas in their faith and motherhood journey — because as we care for our little ones, our souls need care, too.

You should know that I kinda sorta have a thing for podcasts, including my own, the Soul Care for the New Mom Podcast! I also LOVE hanging out on Instagram and building authentic relationships with other mamas who are in the trenches of motherhood and love Jesus just like me!

Hope I get a chance to connect with you soon!

XOXO, Jessie