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You are about to embark on an exciting journey, one that I’m praying is an encouragement to your heart, a source of wisdom in your life, and a game-changer in your relationship with the Lord. I pray that as you go through this course, your eyes are opened to the Lord’s presence all around you and that you are fueled with passion and joy in your everyday motherhood!

Listen, I know what it’s like to struggle to connect with God. I know how discouraging it can be when quiet times are far from quiet, when routines are thrown out the window, and when it feels like theres no time to just be. I know how distant God can seem in those moments, like maybe motherhood is just too demanding or limiting for him to really speak to you or move in your life.

But my friend, the Lord is not limited by the constraints of motherhood. I want you to know he is always pursuing you and is able to meet you where you’re at. As you care for your little ones, he is able to care for your soul. And I am so excited for how he is going to care for your soul through this course!

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram or email me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

XOXO, Jessie

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In Video One, we cover:

  • who I am and what has led me (and you) here today

  • the journey that has changed the way I view God, my relationship with God, and even myself

  • how I’ve been able to connect with God even through the busyness of motherhood

  • the three things I am most excited for you to take away from this course

  • the workbook that is included in this module — I highly recommend you print and fill it out as you go through this course to help you get the most out of each module!

  • two main ways you can connect with me: Instagram and my Soul Care for the New Mom Facebook Group

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In Video Two, we cover:

  • why it’s important for us to be rooted in the Word

  • my personal struggle with staying in the Word when I became a mom and how my time in the Word was transformed

  • the lies about reading the Word that I used to believe and the truths I now believe instead

  • practical ways busy moms like you and I can get and stay rooted in the Word

  • how to go from feeling enslaved to reading plans and study tools to being served well by reading plans and study tools

  • the worksheets included in this module: Meditate on the Word (quick and easy template for Bible study), Must-Have Bible Apps (a list of my favorite apps to use when I am reading and studying the Word), and my Memory Verse Cards template (printable cards that can be filled out with Scripture to help with memorization)

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In Video Three, we cover:

  • the struggles I have encountered and the guilt I have felt in regards to my prayer life

  • my story of discovering the power of prayer and being transformed through prayer

  • what Scripture has to say about prayer and why it’s vital when it comes to our relationship with God

  • practical ways we can weave prayer into our daily rhythms

  • how to maintain a passion for prayer and what it looks like to bring God our full hearts as we approach his throne in prayer

  • the worksheets included in this module: Approach the Throne (prayer templates for monthly or weekly use), Prayers for Your Marriage, Prayers for Your Children, Prayers Against the Enemy, and Resources on Prayer (a list of great books and studies to help you grow in prayer)

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In Video Four, we cover:

  • what Scripture has to say about the Holy Spirit and how God uses his Spirit in our lives

  • the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5 as it relates to how God speaks to us and leads us

  • things that may unintentionally “mute” the Spirit and keep us from discerning its leading

  • my own personal wrestling with my understanding of the Spirit and whether God really does want to speak into my life

  • the creation of Soul Care for the New Mom as a result of responding to the Spirit’s leading and how this is an encouragement to you

  • the worksheets included in this module: Listen and Respond (a template for recording promptings from the Spirit) and my Media Detox Plan (a four-step strategy for detoxing from unhealthy media habits)

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In Video Five, we cover:

  • the power of worship and how it can be used as a weapon in our lives, turning us from victims into victors

  • practical ways worship can be incorporated into everyday rhythms of motherhood

  • different ways that we worship God, according to Scripture, that don’t pertain to music at all

  • what it means to adopt a lifestyle of worship, gratitude, and surrender

  • the worksheets included in this module: Gratitude List (a weekly gratitude list) and Surrender Cards (printable cards to be filled out with what you are letting go of and surrendering to God)

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In Video Six, we cover:

  • what Scripture has to say about community

  • the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy community

  • examples of experiences with unhealthy communities (including my own) and how we can begin to heal

  • my journey of pursuing and finding healthy community after becoming a mom

  • practical wisdom and ideas for how you can begin to find healthy community in your own life

  • the reasons and excuses we sometimes use for why we don’t pursue or make time for community

  • advice and encouragement for the mom who’s already a part of a healthy, godly community

  • the worksheets included in this module: People to Pursue (a worksheet for brainstorming options for community) and Accountability Questions (a list of questions to be used with a trusted friend for support, accountability, and growth)

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In Video Seven, we cover:

  • the section at the end of the workbook that I encourage you to fill out for personal reflection

  • my hopes for how this course will have long-lasting impact on your life and motherhood journey

  • a revisit of the things I most want you to take away from this course

  • how you and I can walk in FREEDOM and confidence in our pursuit of the Lord!

I’d love to hear what this course has meant to you! Please feel free to message me on Instagram or email me at