Gospel Truths & Encouragement for Your Motherhood Journey


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 Angry mom.

Anxious mom.

Perfectionist mom.

Stretched too thin mom.

The “checked out” mom.

Do any of these describe you right now?

I’ve been there, dear mama. It’s time to break FREE from your anxiety, perfectionism, and stress and love motherhood again.

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When I first became a mom, all of my hopes and dreams of being the best mom ever quickly flew out of the window as I realized just how much my long-time struggle with perfectionism was affecting me — and now my daughter.

Instead of enjoying life as a new mom, I found myself constantly overwhelmed and stressed by skipped naps, sleepless nights, and everything else that was out of my control.

Instead of walking in confidence and peace, my perfectionism combined with postpartum rage caused a never-ending cycle of striving for perfection, lashing out in anger, and wrestling with guilt.

After reaching my lowest of lows, I finally realized I couldn’t overcome these things on my own. I needed tools, resources, and Biblical wisdom and counsel to help me change my unhealthy mindsets, replace lies with truth, and learn to love motherhood in all of its messy, imperfect glory.

Now as a thriving mom of two and perfectionist turned grace enthusiast, my dream is to help moms like me find freedom from anxiety, perfectionism, and stress, so that they can love their imperfect motherhood, too!

In my coaching programs, I share truths, tools, and strategies for a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Breaking free from the anxiety, anger, or “mom guilt” that keeps us from walking in confidence and grace

  • Building healthy habits, managing time wisely, and creating a weekly rhythm that works best for you and your family

  • Prioritizing quality time in your marriage and cultivating space for your own emotional health

  • Clinging to the truth of God’s Word and praying with power as a busy mama

  • Building an authentic support system in the early years of motherhood

What moms are saying… 

“Being coached by Jessie is seriously one of the best things I have done for ME and my family in a long time! After our first session together, I knew this girl was exactly what I needed. She asked questions, truly listened, and gave so much guidance and new perspective. I was given the opportunity to talk through all of my emotions and goals, as well as the areas of my life I had been struggling with. She even helped me create a new morning routine that now has me starting my day off with intention! Working with Jessie was life-changing and a blessing!” — Kristen G.

“Before working with Jessie, I struggled with constantly criticizing my husband and lashing out over every little thing. Not only did Jessie coach me with compassion, but she also supplied me with practical tools to ease the tension in my marriage and rebuild emotional intimacy!” — Erica E.

“God has used coaching with Jessie as a source of healing for my soul! She’s given me practical tools to defeat perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and anger in this postpartum season with my fourth child. While working with Jessie, I feel encouraged to step out in faith and have seen God answer so many prayers. I know that moms, including myself, are being set free through her ministry and work!” — Molly S.

“Jessie’s coaching was so impactful for me! She gave me tools to help in areas of my life where I struggle with anger and anxiety, and I was finally able to give myself permission to change and move forward. After being coached by her, I feel empowered and not alone!” — Skylar C.

"God brought Jessie into my life at a time when I really needed her. Not only did she give me a new way to examine my life and easy-to-comprehend strategies for overcoming my day-to-day anxieties as a wife and mom, but she also gave me hope for my future! I loved that I felt comfortable in our sessions together and was able to be vulnerable with her. Working with Jessie is like finding a friend you can talk to about anything without fear of judgment!" — Emily S.

"As a new mom, I wasn’t expecting all of the changes and challenges that would come with bringing a new member into our family. I had no idea the toll it would take on my marriage or how quickly my husband and I would feel so distant! But within just a few days of working with Jessie, I immediately started feeling closer to my husband and like we were growing stronger as a couple. She is skilled at asking challenging questions, really takes the time to listen, and gave me tools that I was able to implement right away. I would recommend Jessie to any mom, but especially brand new moms like me!" — Taylor H.

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 If you are…

  • a mom who is feeling overwhelmed and overrun by the everyday stresses of motherhood

  • starting to lose hope that you’ll ever be free from perfectionism, anxiety, or anger

  • looking for a better rhythm and way of life that doesn’t rob you of your joy or make you want to “check out”

  • wanting to better connect with your spouse and build a stronger marriage

  • ready to put in the work to become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself — the graceful, confident woman God has called you to be

… then I would absolutely love the opportunity to come alongside you as a coach, cheerleader, and friend!

As we work together, you will…

  • feel empowered and excited for motherhood

  • break free from anxiety and stress

  • celebrate victories over unhealthy mindsets and behaviors

  • learn how to implement grace-based rhythms into your life

  • troubleshoot and tackle challenges head-on

  • be able to cultivate peace in your heart and home

  • experience the transforming power of the Lord!

What coaching with me includes:

  • 6 intensive bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions completed via phone or video

  • Unlimited email access between sessions for questions, additional support, and accountability

  • Weekly action steps to help you make steps toward your goals

  • PDF worksheets and resources curated specifically for you

  • FREE access to all upcoming group coaching events and courses

If you are ready to get started or want to talk more about whether coaching with me is a right fit for you, click the button below to apply for a free 30-minute clarity call!

During this call, we will chat about where you’re currently at in your motherhood journey, the goals you’d like to work towards, and how I can best support you.

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more about me:

I'm Jessie Ereddia -- perfectionist turned grace enthusiast, cheerleader for mamas, and a mom of two kiddos who love to keep me on my toes!

By sharing the wisdom, tools, and resources that have helped set me free, I aim to help moms exchange lies for truths and walk confidently in the freedom of the Gospel.

Fun facts:

  • You can find me making memories with my husband Grant and our two girls, Tessa and James, in our little three-bedroom home just outside of Atlanta.

  • As of September 2019, we are also foster parents!

  • As a 4 on the Enneagram, I’ve got a heart full of feeling and a passion for living out God’s unique calling for my life.

  • I’ve been a podcaster since September 2017 and I am LOVING it! Exploring this new creative medium through the Soul Care for the New Mom podcast has made sharing my story and ministering to women all the more exciting!

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